These moments are what we pray and strive for as believers. These moments are why I have done what I have for the last ten years. It should be the fervent prayer of the believer that not only God would use us as mentors for the lost we interact with, but as He captures their heart with His grace that He would begin forming a relationship that would blossom into a family bond with Christ at the center. A friendship that would allow us to walk through all of life’s struggles and milestones with them. Nicole and I have had the unmerited privilege of watching Brianna O’Donnell (now Moreland) grow from a young teenager – trying to figure life out- into a beautiful young lady who loves Jesus passionately, and now loves her husband unconditionally.

It was indeed one of the biggest honors of the last ten years of my life to play such a special part in this day. I was the officiant and Nicole was the Maid of Honor! Brianna is no longer a spunky teenager, but a beautiful sister in Christ.

I want to take this minute to encourage everyone today. Committing to Gospel-centered relationships are worth it. Not everyone we interact with will come to know the Grace of Jesus Christ, but when those who do kneel down next to you – before Him – declaring Him Lord an Savior, there indeed is nothing sweeter. Stay the course. He is faithful and just!