As I write this note, I am aware that I am no longer your Lead Pastor, and that this chapter has officially closed. However, this does not mean that I am no longer your friend. Our friendship is a status that will remain true for eternity. Nicole and I have a love for all of you that pushes past the natural ability to articulate. There is a richness and a depth here that doesn’t come around everyday or in every relationship. So please do not be a stranger.

Nicole said it perfectly yesterday. These last 12 years have been the most impactful so far. God has taught us both so much about, 1) Himself, 2) His Bride, and 3) how we are to love Him and others. Not only will these years be cherished, but we will build from them. Nicole and I are better people because of how God has used the love and care you have shown us. God, through you, has shaped and molded us and set us up to become the people that He has intended for us. Because of you, we know God more. Because of you, we’re not afraid to be known. And because of you, we’re poised to make Him and his family known in this crazy world, more effectively than ever. I trust that our Spirit-led efforts in your life have done the same.

The call is simple, church, love Him, and love others. Please continue to carry the torch of rich Gospel history at FBC. Hold fast to the teachings of His Word. Continue mine it’s depth, and never settle for superficial reading. Study the Word, commit to it, and remember context is critical. God, through the power of His Son and in the Power of His Spirit, intents to use the power of His Word, to sanctify you for His glory. Don’t for a second, believe that He’s done with you. Instead, acknowledge how He’s positioning you. Not every church has what Wilson has… HEALTH. Capitalize on this glorious fact. God has laid the foundation of health SO THAT you would take great Gospel strides in this next season.

Remember, the unbeliever is only looking for a couple of things: a committed love, a place to be known, and honesty. May Wilson FBC primarily present the life-changing message of the Gospel through these vehicles. Yes, cool events are one thing but don’t get the order wrong, because they mean nothing without a genuine relationship with the risen Christ first. Hopefully, this has been evident through our time there. Strive to show the world a genuine Gospel-consistency before anything else.

God has saved you by His grace and empowered you with His presence to go in His love. So as the world looks in at you in this next season, may they see the miraculous hand of the all-mighty God at work in a willing vessel.

Stay humble and in love with Jesus. You are blessed to be a blessing.

In Christ, your friends,
Stephen and Nicole