In the wake of missionary John Chau’s death on November 17, 2018, at the hands of North Sentinel Islanders, my prayer is that God would do it again. Not the death of another man of course but the regeneration of another remote tribe in this world for the Glory of God. On November 20, 1839, missionary John Williams and James Harris arrived on the shore of the remote Erronmango Island with the conviction to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this group of people, only to be attacked with clubs, killed and then eaten by the Islanders as part of a sacred ritual. Little did Williams and Harris know that some weeks before their arrival an Austrailian sandalwood trader had brutally murdered two boys from the tribe, forcing the tribe to resort to violence against any Westerners. However 20 years later this same tribe was visited by other Christian missionaries who were able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them successfully, and today the Erronmango Tribe continues to identify itself as a Christian nation.

See the BBC’s report on this story:

So my prayer today is that God would do it again; that He would use the death of John Chau to convict the hearts of the Sentinel Islanders, to ultimately show them the error of their way and bring them to the life-transforming news of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that five, ten, twenty or even forty years from now the Sentinal Islanders would also declare themselves a Christian nation. But, too, I pray that he would use the passion John Chau had for the glory of God, to stir new desires in believers all over this world to continue to go to the ends of the earth with the life-transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Only the message of Jesus can definitively transform hearts. Hours before John Chau died he wrote these words, “I hope this isn’t one of my last notes but if it is ‘to God be the Glory.'”

Ultimately we don’t know what God is doing here, but may our prayers be that he would do it again. God will you use one man’s death to transform a tribe, a nation, a world for your glory.