We’re excited to be welcoming Dan Nichols this weekend. He is a gifted communicator and coach for the Glory God, not to mention a great friend of mine too. Dan has asked me to share the following information with you as you prepare your hearts for Saturday’s MyCircle Training. This workshop will run from 9am3pm.

The MyCircle Initiative is not meant to simply be a five-session training. However, it is meant to be a line in the sand, a catalyst in your life, to take God’s mission, and your part in that mission, seriously. The real measure of effectiveness is not whether the training is attended but by what happens afterward. Will you be a person of distinction in the world you live in, in the midst of the people God has placed you, so that people can see, hear, and understand The Gospel of Jesus Christ? Will you be found to be a faithful steward of your relationships for the glory of God?

Please take time to prepare your heart and mind prior to the kickoff of the MyCircle Initiative. Allow God, through His Word and through the Holy Spirit, to expose what you really believe about some very important and foundational things. Below are three sections to help you focus on key Scriptures. Each Scripture is accompanied by a couple of questions for you to prayerfully consider. Spend time on each section. Do not feel you need to rush through. Read the passage and prayerfully reflect on it, thinking through the questions. When you are ready, move on to the next section. Talk with your spouse, family, and/or small group about how God moves in your heart through this process. Be ready for God to conform you even more into the image of Christ for His glory!

Reflection 1: The Person Of Jesus Christ
Scripture: Colossians 1:15-23
Questions to consider:

  • What does this passage teach us about the Person of Jesus Christ?
  • How should this teaching affect your daily life?
  • Are you convinced that Jesus is who He says He is?

Reflection 2: The Hope of The Gospel
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:11-16; Romans 1:16-17
Questions to consider:

  • What is Paul’s stance on the importance of the Gospel for mankind?
  • Are you convinced that The Gospel is the only Hope for every man, woman, and child?

Reflection 3: Ambassadors for Christ
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-21
Questions to consider:

  • What does this passage teach us about God’s people?
  • Are you convinced that God desires to work through you, in the world you live in everyday, for His glory?