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June 14, 2019

We’re gearing up for our 10th and final Wilson’s Amazing Race. This race has become a staple in the Wilson community over the last ten years, and we’ve had the immense privilege of providing such a fin way to kick-start summer. As we plan for our 10th and final race, we don’t expect to provide anything less than our very best. Be prepared to run a race to remember.

Between 6:30pm-9pm, on June 14, the entire village of Wilson will transform into a fast-paced race against time. 26 teams of 5 set out on foot around a pre-planned course of 15 stations to determine who will raise the trophy one last time. Over ten years we’ve provided some of the most creative, adrenaline pumping challenges, and this year we’re bringing back some of your favorite.

So when the air horn sounds, make sure your costumes are on point, and you’re ready to run your best race yet.



Yes!! You’ve made it to registration, that means you’re almost ready. Please make sure that you fill in all the required fields below. You will need a designated a team captain who has an active email address. We will also be sending important information to you prior to the race beginning on June 14, 2018.

Please note all racers must be 11 years old or older.

Contact details
  • 265 Pettit St, Wilson, NY, 14172