Yesterday the Governor of NY issued a ban on crowds over 50 people. This decree sadly affects our ability to meet as a Church body on Sunday mornings. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 events and mandates exceptionally close, reviewing the situation on a week-by-week basis; however, for now, we will honor the request of the governing authorities over us. 

What will continue to happen at Wilson FBC?

Community Groups. At this time, we strongly encourage you to meet within your weekly community group gatherings. If you are not part of one, join one or create one. This time is essential for a couple of reasons.

  1. To meet needs: Outside of the clear Biblical call to not neglect meeting together, we are going to need to keep a close eye on one another. As we stare this pandemic in the face, we want to know that everyone in our body is well and not lacking anything. As intentional as you already are in groups, we are encouraging you to step up your game even more during this season. If you have older individuals in your group, reach out regularly to them.
  2. To pray and worship together: Although our physical location is closed, the church isn’t. There is never a time in our history that the cliche phrase, “the church is not the building, it’s the people,” has never been more true. Christ’s church will continue to meet if your groups continue to meet. The church has not only survived but thrived since it’s conception. Why? Because it has never been about a physical location. God’s call to be the church remains. Begin to explore what extra time in prayer and worship might look like as a group
  3. To serve together: It is incredible what a small number of missional-minded people can accomplish in God’s strength. As you get together, brainstorm how you might literally love your neighbors. Take note of the elderly in your spheres of influence. As a group, serve your community in Jesus’ name.

Sermons. Each week a sermon will be prepared, emailed, and posted on our Facebook page on Sunday morning. If you need to sign yourself or someone else up to receive these, please click here. Perhaps you even consider moving your smaller gatherings to Sunday for this season (or adding this as another time to meet).

What should not stop during this time?

Your Christian walk. As we preach every week, God is still the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He remains worthy of our praise and adoration. So just because we cannot physically meet as Christians on Sunday doesn’t mean our identity as followers of Jesus changes. Remember, Jesus, transformed us from the inside out. Therefore, our faith and belief in the person and message of Jesus must never change, even if our circumstances do. This COVID-19 season calls us to invite God to help us praise, honor, and worship Him in this ‘new normal’ right now. Spend time looking through Acts this week and take note of how the church has historically thrived through these abnormal, interrupted times. Perhaps God in His sovereignty is calling us towards this again. Don’t hang up your Christian walk because everything has become uncomfortable. Instead, buckle down and embrace His strength through the weakness.

Your church commitments. When we join a local body of believers as members, we make a promise to participate together in love, caring for one another’s physical and spiritual well-being by serving physically and financially. These commitments have not changed. As we’ve touched on the physical above, allow us to speak to the financial below. We are a small church with a similar-sized bank account and rely on the faithful giving of each member to be able to continue the work of Christ as Wilson First Baptist Church. Many of you already give online, but others of you wait until the offering is taken up on Sunday. At this time, we are asking all of our manual and envelope givers also to move their contributions online. It is straightforward to do; click here. You can give as many one-time gifts as you’d like or setup up a recurring donation. You can also mail your contributions to PO Box 516, Wilson, NY, or even collect your tithes and offerings at community group. We do not live in fear and trust God fully, but cannot stress enough how much giving needs to continue. If this shutdown continues for an extended period and giving drops significantly, the church will run out of money. Please be prayerfully mindful, and willingly active.

Church, as we look to the unknown, may we remember that we worship the all-knowing. Whatever happens in this world, Jesus is still sitting at the right hand of the Father and continues interceding for those who come under His grace. Our God remains worthy to be praised.