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“God does not want established congregations to consist of people who are all alike any more than he wants us as individuals to limit our close friendships to people just like ourselves. On the contrary, he wants each congregation to contain a wide variety of the human race, and he means us to find that the help we need in discerning his will comes to us through the minds and souls and voices of this wide cross section of Christian believers.”
– J.I. Packer

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Hopefully you have tasted and seen a little of what we do Sunday. We would love for you to get plugged into what our community does throughout the week. In the next couple of sections we have out outlined the essence (who we are) and our purpose (what we do) of our community groups. Our hope as a family is that you can come and be known with us as we explore together what it looks like to Live Church.

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At the core of who are as Wilson FBC is the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel (the good news of Christ’s coming) not only transforms our life at the moment of belief in Him as God, but in a life long process as well that goes beyond this reality and into the next. This kind of eternal relational reality is not only an aspect of who we are…it IS who we are. What does all this mean for us then right now? It means that we can start living in this eternal relationship with Christ now together! Further more, we believe that because Jesus is part of the divine spiritual reality of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) He is in His very nature relational as He is always in community in the Godhead (Trinity). Wow! That means that for us we get to be a part of community that is not new or temporary…. but eternal and secure! The essence of who we are as community groups then will never change because the God that we serve will always be community in and of Himself!


As it has been stated our purpose is anchored in the essence of who we are. We all at some level act out of a belief we hold in who we think of ourselves. This is very true when it comes to the church and the way in which we choose to do community here at Wilson FBC. Our focus is building relationships with God and each other that will last MORE than a lifetime because our purpose is as eternal as the God that we serve. We get together than as community groups and explore relationship through a meal and discussion that intentionally gets at what it means to live as part of the family of God together through His son Jesus Christ. This family style set up is deeply relational because our purpose is rooted in the One who is deeply relational: Jesus Christ. In other words, if identity is found in who we in Christ as individuals and as community our purpose then is to explore how we can live in that tension as part of the body of Christ. So, please, come check us out and live into the purpose that God has for Church here at Wilson FBC.