Baby Dedication

Marlo Joseph Hay will be dedicated on Sunday, January 1, 2017. Please come and show Hay household your loving support and commitment.

Church Vision Casting

Sunday will mark the beginning of a year long journey of vision casting/living. We believe that God want’s us to unpack what it means to LIVE CHURCH. So over the course of the year, everything we will do will be done to understand that more.

Help Desk

To help facilitate the vision casting process there will now be a help desk available in the Basement Loft before and after church on Sundays. This will a great place to ask any questions that you have as well as get to know our new Pastor, Ian.

Church Bus and Youth Renovations

Watch this video to see Stephen explain a little more about the current search for a church bus and what money was spent to create the Upper Lounge in the fellowship hall.