Good morning church family, as the sun rises and light dawns on this beautiful Christmas morning, I want to encourage you to be mindful of the TRUE light that has dawned today. Around 2000 years ago God became man and dwelt among his dark and lost creation in order to expose its sin and restore a way to Him. Christmas is indeed about presents, but not so much about the ones wrapped under our tree this morning. Instead, the one lying in a manger. Jesus is the greatest gift the world has ever received because without Him we remain lost in our darkness with no hope of lighting our way back to our creator. My challenge for all of you today is to think of ways to thanks Him for this gift. Ultimately I pray that you receive it. It’s free!

Tim Keller in his book Hidden Christmas says, “Some gifts by their very nature make you swallow your pride. Imagine opening a present on Christmas morning from a friend—and it’s a dieting book. Then you take off another ribbon and wrapper and you find it is another book from another friend, Overcoming Selfishness. If you say to them, ‘Thank you so much,’ you are in a sense admitting, ‘For indeed I am fat and obnoxious.’ In other words, some gifts are hard to receive, because to do so is to admit you have flaws and weaknesses and you need help.”

There has never been a gift that makes us swallow our pride to the depth that the gift of Jesus Christ requires us to do. As I mentioned, when light shines into the dark place it exposes the yuck, it brings to light the truth of who we are, and that is humbling. But that is the point.

Embracing the gift of light that Jesus is to us this morning means admitting that we are lost in the darkness of our sin and that we are unable to dispel it on our own. We need a light to dawn for us; we need a Savior.

When Jesus turned 33 and was arrested, beaten and nailed to a cross. It says that the moment he died and the wrath of God was placed on him that darkness fell over the land. At that moment the Light of the world descended into the darkness to bring us into His glorious light forever; if we would receive it.

This world will forever suffocate in darkness until we can first admit that the light of his unmerited grace in your life is the only thing that will dispel the dark completely.

Don’t merely enjoy Jesus today, worship him as thee light of the world.