1/4 Church Meeting

Members join us after service on Sunday for the 1/4 Church Meeting. This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions about the Associate Pastor Candidate and our budget report.

Women’s Conference

November 11-13. See Lois Farley if you have any questions

Associate Pastor Candidate

Ian Domaschofsky is candidating with us on November 20. He will be preaching and you will have an opportunity to meet his wonderful family. He also anticipates visiting a couple of Community Groups during his stay.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our church family dinner will also be on November 20, in the evening. Please see Heather Zahno or Dawn Monroe for more details of dishes to pass etc.

Country Christmas

December 4 (from 3pm-5:30pm) will be this years community Country Christmas. Please see Heidi Lauger or Judy Ornella for volunteering, we have jobs that need filled. Invite friends and families with small kids to come out and enjoy the afternoon.