Yesterday seemed to come and go without much opportunity for reflection, so as I woke up this morning, I didn’t want to overlook the acknowledgment of another year of ministry. October 23, 2019, marked 11 years of full-time Pastoral work in Wilson, NY.

Admittedly it is a monumental task to communicate all that I have learned and all that my heart feels in these moments. So I will summarize in the following way this year: God is faithful.

God saw it fit to take a pride-filled young disciple – passionate about the Gospel – and place him in a situation he knew absolutely nothing about. Country living and pastoral ministry were both extremely foreign to me. In God’s love, He saw it fit to humble me and highlight my need for dependent life. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned (if not the biggest) is that God is faithful to bring Glory to His name, through work in His unfinished disciples.

I remember telling the church in January 2010 (as I transitioned from youth pastor to lead pastor) that if God was not in this, that we would know very quickly. But if He was, then we will be able to look back year after year and give God ALONE credit for the health and growth of His church in Wilson. 11 years later, this continues to be our story!

There continue to be days I have no idea what I’m doing. Still, I will be forever grateful to (and confident in) my faithful God for promising to finish the work He started in me, for His Glory. ​​My confidence comes from looking towards the finished work of Jesus on the cross for the forgiveness of sin. And in His resurrection from the dead, for my freedom. God was faithful to finish that work for His glory and our joy; therefore, I’m assured that His work in my life will continue until the day I meet Him.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey. I appreciate you more than you know.